Pet Care"

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25 Woodside Rd, Parkstone, Poole,     BH14 9JH


Supported Charities

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - This is an amazing charity which rescues and rehabilitates wild orphan elephants. The elephants are all returned to the wild at their own pace in a loving and caring environment. I have witnessed the amazing work done myself, and they were also on Elephant Diaries on BBC TV.


Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Orphanage - This is one of the largest chimpanzee orphanages is the world, and the only one where the animals are released into "the wild" to forage and feed as they would have done in their home territories.

I encourage everyone to look at these two websites and "adopt" an elephant or a chimpanzee.

Neither of these organisations receive government funding, and I can assure you that their management costs are minimal, so the money goes directly to the animals. (Graham) They would also make a great Christmas / Birthday present.




Dorset Wildlife Trust - Protecting Dorset's Wildlife for the Future.





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